Love Your Sister Charity High Tea

By Byrony O'Neill Estate Agents

Byrony O’Neill Estate Agents is extremely proud to support the Love Your Sister foundation, in their endeavour to vanquish ALL cancers with HARD science.

Sadly, cancer is a disease that touches the lives of so many people. In one way or another, I think we have all been impacted by either experiencing this disease, or knowing someone who has.

However, thanks to the amazing work at Love Your Sister, they are doing everything (and we mean EVERYTHING) they can to raise valuable funds for cancer research and find new treatments for cancer patients.

What have LYS done so far? Try unicycling around Australia, bungee jumping, sheep shearing, skydiving, bull riding and spider eating to name just a few!

To date, they have raised an incredible $9M!! We want to help them reach their target of $10M!!

We may not be jumping out of planes but Byrony O’Neill Estate Agents will be hosting a Love Your Sister Charity High Tea to raise funds for this incredibly worthy cause! Tickets for the High Tea are limited and available by contacting our team on 0412 132 480. In the lead up to the fundraiser, we greatly appreciate any donations small or large, to help reach our target!

All proceeds from ticket sales, raffles and auctions on the day of the fundraiser will be donated to the Love Your Sister foundation.

Love Your Sister proudly passes on every individual donation to scientific research. No skimming. No bullshit. With the help of our generous community, our goal is to raise $3,000 for LYS.


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Great initiative many thanks for all your efforts in raising funds for this very worthwhile project
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